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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy means your family and loved ones are financially secure when you’re no longer here. There are several policy options available giving your loved one the peace of mind of being mortgage free, bill free or prepared for inheritance tax expenses. You can also arrange for regular payments to be made to your loved ones or for a lump sum for them to spend or invest how they wish.

Over 50s Life Insurance

If you’d like to provide your loved ones with a little nest egg or ensure your funeral costs are covered, an Over 50s life insurance policy may be the option for you. Your policy can start instantly; just a short application and you can be covered from the following day. There’s no long application form or waiting for approval from an insurer and as there is no medical questionnaire; you’re guaranteed to be accepted - provided you’re over 50! So if you have an existing medical condition, there’s no need to worry – you can still have cover and your family can still benefit.

We’ve partnered with the expert advisors at Family Insurance Services to provide you with the widest selection of Life and Over 50s Life insurance options at low prices. Family Insurance Services also have specialist, trained advisors to help you choose the policy most suitable for you and your loved ones.

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