Life & Health Insurance MARKET INSIGHT REPORT 2016 Q4





MSM Confused Go Compare CTM Assured Futures
Lowest price £22.91 First Call £20.43 Fortify £20.43 Fortify £19.09 Realm £19.09 Realm
2nd Lowest price £24.16 Realm £22.90 First Call £22.90 First Call £20.59 Paymentcare £19.65 National Assurance
3rd Lowest price £25.64 First Call £25.93 Fortify 90 £25.93 Fortify 90 £21.49 Assurity £20.59 Paymentcare
Number of insurers 7 9 9 10 11

Income protection, covering £1,000 per month, for 12 months, for accident, sickness and unemployment with a 30 day excess for an employed 30 year old male, earning £40k per year living in GL52.

MSM Confused Go Compare CTM Assured Futures
Basic cover £30.57 Health-on-line £10.07 WPA £10.07 WPA £10.07 WPA £10.07 WPA
Mid-range Cover £40.29 Health-on-line £27.85 Bupa £27.85 Bupa £25.09 General & Medical £25.09 General & Medical
Fully Comprehensive Cover £57.43 Health-on-line £44.37 Health-on-line £44.37 Health-on-line £41.44 General & Medical £41.44 General & Medical
Number of insurers 7 11 11 12 12

PMI prices based on 30 year old male, non-smoker living in GL52, with an excess of £250.

MSM Confused Go Compare CTM Assured Futures
Lowest price £7.81 LV= £7.81 LV= £7.62 LV= £7.81 LV= £7.81 LV=
2nd lowest price £7.86 Beagle Street £7.86 Beagle Street £8.22 Beagle Street £8.17 Beagle Street £8.77 Royal London
3rd lowest price £8.28 Legal & General £8.57 Royal London £8.30 Legal & General £8.31 AIG £8.79 Legal & General
Number of insurers 10 10 8 8 10

Life (Term) prices based on 30 year old male, non-smoker, living in GL52, covering £200,000, over 20 years with a fixed premium.

MSM Confused Go Compare CTM Assured Futures
Lowest price N/A N/A N/A N/A £11.21 Old Mutual Wealth
2nd lowest price N/A N/A N/A N/A £12.69 VitalityLife
3rd lowest price N/A N/A N/A N/A £12.90 Zurich
Number of insurers N/A N/A N/A N/A 9

Life (WOL) prices based on 45 year old male, non-smoker, living in GL52, covering £10,000.

MSM Confused Go Compare CTM Assured Futures
Highest cover N/A £5,605 One Family £5,217 Shepherds Friendly £5,605 One Family £5,605 One Family
2nd hightest cover N/A £5,502 Shepherds Friendly £5,010 AIG £5,502 Shepherds Friendly £5,502 Shepherds Friendly
3rd highest cover N/A £5,277 AIG £4,711 L&G £5,337 Assurity £5,337 Assurity
Number of insurers 0 5 4 8 8

Over 50s prices based on 60 year old male, non-smoker, living in GL52 choosing a premium of £20 per month with a 24 month wait period.


Over the last few months, Assured Futures has been working with LV= to integrate a risk reality calculator into some of our online customer journeys. The teams at Assured Futures are constantly looking for ways to overcome the challenges of selling protection and our digital team are always developing tools to help the advisers achieve this.

Protection insurance is a discretionary product and whilst all of us know that we should take it out to protect ourselves and our families in the future, the demands on daily life both physically and financially mean that taking out the necessary insurance policies become increasingly pushed to the bottom of many people’s to-do lists.

With the sales of income protection increasing (up by 18% in 2016 compared to the year before), there can be no doubt that we in the industry are getting the message of the importance of being properly protected across to consumers. The promotion of real life case studies by insurers and brokers alike as well as the thoroughly successful “Seven Families” initiative must be credited with bringing the need for protection to the forefront of people’s minds but we have surely just touched the tip of the iceberg and there is still much to do.

Insurers need to be playing their part by developing products that will appeal to new clients. But we all need to take responsibility for creating ways to engage clients and get their buy-in and we believe that the “risk reality” calculator is an excellent tool in helping to do this.

Research has been widely circulated about the “it won’t happen to me” mentality that is prevalent in society. Naturally, we don’t all want to think the worst and sometimes it’s just easier to put things off than face the hard reality that bad things can and do happen. As responsible advisers, we need to be doing all that we can to ensure clients understand what could happen to them if they aren’t adequately protected and one of the best ways of doing this is to make the possible issues as real as we can without scaring them off.

The risk reality tool goes a long way in helping both online and offline advisers to achieve this- it essentially uses population and industry statistics to show a client what life may have in store for them and provide the likelihood of certain events happening before their planned retirement age.

The risks that the tool calculates are:

The user just needs to input a few personal details; age, gender, their smoking status and their planned retirement age and they will be presented with a percentage of the likelihood of such things happening.

Risk Reality Calc
Rebecca Fludder, Commercial Development Manager at Assured Futures shares her views on this new addition to the customer journey:

“The risk reality is a marvellous tool for helping to bring these events to life and for challenging the “it won’t happen to me” mentality that is prevalent and which prevents people from being properly protected. We don’t wish for it to scare people and obviously we must stress that the statistics presented are just a guide and are obviously not certain but we feel that as a responsible broker, we must be providing clients with as much realistic and accurate information to help them to make informed decisions that will benefit both them and their families later in life. We’re really excited about integrating these tools into our online journeys and believe that this is just another way that we are working to continuously improve our customer journeys and provide the best possible service to our clients and partners alike.”

Helping the Over 50s to enjoy the good life they deserve whilst safeguarding their future

For many within the industry, the over 50s market just isn’t that exciting. It represents a very small part of an insurer’s proposition so on the whole, the over 50s products just don’t get the attention that we think they should. But at Assured Futures, we are passionate, both about the products and the market and our advisers are committed to getting the message across to our clients about the importance of taking out an over 50s insurance policy.

Below are just some of the reasons why the over 50s market is so exciting and offers so many opportunities:

Society is changing

The over 50s market is buoyant and offers lots of opportunities for business

The pressures of living longer both on individuals and society should be fuelling demand

The cost of dying is not going to get any cheaper


Our plans for the over 50s part of our proposition

The launch of two new products to the over 50s market by Assured Futures in Q3 2016 surely confirms our commitment to the development and growth of this market. We have also been working with One Family to develop and adapt a funeral calculator that we are in the process of building into our online journeys. This interactive tool allows users to choose the county in which they live and whether they would like to be buried or cremated and then provides a guide of the current cost of a funeral as well as providing an indication of the cost in the future.

The challenge that we all have as advisers is getting the message across to our clients about the importance of having a policy and that it’s not just about getting personal peace of mind but also taking the pressure off relatives during what will always be a very stressful and upsetting time.

Our plans for the over 50s part of our proposition

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics in September 2016, between February and July 2016, the number of unemployed people fell. Commentators on the economy have said that whilst the figures do cover the period before the Brexit outcome, any positive trends are unlikely to continue.

As Teresa May announced at the Conservative Party Conference earlier this month that Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017 and as the value of the pound continues to weaken off the back of the Brexit decision, we can only assume that uncertainty will continue to grow and with the legacy of the last recession still fresh in many people’s minds, we believe that the fear of losing one’s job will become more prevalent and this is the time when we in the industry should be emphasising to clients the importance of income protection before it’s too late for them.

Ian Sawyer, Managing Director at Assured Futures gives his view on the future of the market

“We are truly committed to playing our part in growing this market. The fact that we have already invested in the development of two new products to help to expand the market and the widespread introduction of the funeral calculator into our online customer journeys is testament to our commitment to this market. We are also just about to release an incredibly informative and easy-to-understand guide to over 50s insurance to help reinforce the message of the benefits of these products. We have the widest panel of insurers in the UK and with plans to develop a further two products to bring our panel to 10, we are investing heavily in building on the success we have already experienced.”

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Delivering 5 star after sales service


The retentions team at Assured Futures make a welcome call to every customer within a couple of weeks of them purchasing a policy through us. Following on from a welcome call, the client contacted our team to ask about exclusions on her policy.



"We’ve always said that our five star service doesn’t end with the sale- we are there for the client all year around and not just at inception or renewal. We don’t just sell, we review, we ensure that the policy delivers what it promises to provide and we will always tell the client if it is in their interest to remain with their current provider. Our dedication to providing a full brokered service to our clients ensures that they can feel secure knowing that we can help them with all aspects of their insurance policies.”
Richard Harris- Retentions Team Manager



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